LG M3800

38" W-XGA UltraWideScreen LCD monitor


These Widescreen LCD Monitors are content interchangeable with each other- this 'Zoom' function saves costs on creating content. The monitors are stretched with a wide aspect ratio, perfect for displaying two separate contents.


1,000:1 Digital Fine Contrast Ratio (DFC)
A 1,000:1 Digital Fine Contrast Ratio (DFC) is ideal for moving images. DFC is optimised for maximum brightness, making it ideal for moving images with variable brightness levels-such as in films, animation, games, and photos-keeping pictures clear, crisp, and bright.
Fine Picture
LCD device is known for its fine resolution so you can see much finer image than LED device.
Zoom Function
The 'Zoom' function makes contents interchangeable between M2900S and M3800S.
RS-232C Multi-Monitor Connectivity
RS-232C enables remote controlling of multiple monitors with a single computer. User can control the power, contrast, brightness, volume, etc with a single computer source by connecting cables among displays.
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