QED provides support for all 3D projection systems, stocking the very highest quality projection equipment to deliver the best 3D viewing experience in every situation.

Passive 3D

Passive projection typically uses two aligned projectors fitted with external lens polarising filters, a silver screen and polarised viewing glasses. The benefits are that any two matching DLP or LCD projectors can be used and that the polarised 3D glasses are inexpensive to purchase. The drawbacks are the narrow viewing angle of the silver screen and the requirement to use two projectors instead of one.

Active 3D

Active projection typically requires the use of a single high powered DLP projector and battery powered LCD shutter glasses which are synchronised to the projection system. The main advantage is that the viewing angles are unrestricted because no silver screen is required, and the main drawback is that active 3D glasses are more expensive to purchase and require more care in handling.

3D Screens

Large silver screens are more expensive than regular screens, they have a very narrow 30 degree viewing angle, and are difficult to re-use without being damaged. In order to accommodate large audience viewing numbers in most live event situations a much wider viewing angle is usually required. Silver screens severely restrict the delivery of the 3D experience whereas there is no such limit to the viewing angle with active projection as it utilises a regular projection screen surface.

XpanD 3D

The only fully active professional 3D projection viewing system is XpanD 3D; this is the system that QED recommends for use in live events primarily because it is does not require a silver screen to achieve the 3D effect. Combined with an active 3D projector XpanD 3D provides the brightest and most quickly deployable way to deliver the best that 3D has to offer. Not only can 2D and 3D material be shown on the same screen but multiple active 3D projectors can also be blended together to create vast 3D Ultrawidescreens of breathtakingly high resolution.

Whether you wish to show 3D as a standalone presentation or would like to incorporate it into any of your existing events then QED has the hardware and experience to guide you through the process. For more information about what QED can do for you please contact us and we will be delighted to discuss your 3D requirements


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