Projection mapping describes the technique for video projection that can make use of any surface and turn it into a dynamic visual display. It can be used to bring buildings and objects to life, create immersive environments and to provide exciting interactive experiences. A variety of different methods can be employed to achieve the desired effect but it always involves a combination of an extremely high degree of creative skill and intricate technical planning. Typically the content features a mixture of computer animation, 2D and 3D effects, live action video and traditional trompe-l'oeil techniques.

QED leads the industry in the deployment and development of projection mapping with many years' experience in delivering some of the largest and most advanced projection mapping projects to date. QED provides consultancy, project management, laser scanning, modelling and UV mapping services as well as technical equipment supply and operation, working closely with all our creative and production clients to help realise their creative visions.

How is it done?

Site Survey and Scan

Once the target building has been selected an initial feasibility study is undertaken. Accurate building and environmental data are gathered to assess the complexity of the project - photographs and measurements are taken and often a 3d laser scan is undertaken.

Modelling and Mapping

The point cloud generated from the 3D scan is turned into a low poly mesh for the modelling process. From the measurements and the site information a template or "UV map" is produced which is then handed over to the creative teams for content generation. There are usually a number of ways that a UV map can be created for each project and the template not only needs to take into account the server hardware capabilities but also the precise projector configuration required on-site.

Project Setup

Once the mesh and the UV map have been produced they are combined in the media server where the projector light cones are virtualised and the exact locations of the projectors are finalised.

Content Creation & Testing

Content is created using the UV map and tested throughout the creative process on the server playback system. QED advises on the delivery pipeline so that the video content meets the project specification and to ensure smooth synchronous playback.

Technical Setup

Projectors are typically fed via a fibre optic network to provide both signal and control. QED has developed bespoke server, distribution and fibre systems for large scale projection mapping projects in order to make installation quick, easy and reliable. For outdoor projections weatherproof projection structures are always required.

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