Analog Way Graphic II GSW2811

16-input seamless switcher


The seamless GRAPHIC SWITCHER II™ inserts (PIP), cuts, fades, wipes and instantaneously mixes (no glitch) between 16 high-resolution and TV / video sources which can range (Auto Sync & Auto Scan) from 15 kHz to 130 kHz (up to 1600x1280) with no synchronization “dropouts”.

The GRAPHIC SWITCHER II™'s outputs are:- 1 MAIN output (PROGRAM) (BNC + HD15)- 1 PREVIEW output (PRESET) for visualization and adjustment before the switch- 4 TALLY outputs (that can be selected from any of the 16 inputs to indicate who is “ON AIR”). The output format can be selected in HDTV, D-ILA, SXGA, XGA.2, SVGA or VGA and remains constant no matter which input is selected. This allows a "one time" adjustment for your display device.

PIP (Picture In Picture), seamless fading and effects combined with direct access auto-recognition inputs, makes live high end presentations better and easier than before.
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