To celebrate the release of RocknRolla in cinemas on the 5th September, Warner Bros Pictures, MySpace and Future Cinema used QED to bring RocknRolla to life with a special screening of the film, introduced by Guy Ritchie and some of the cast at the SE1 nightclub on Wednesday 27th August.

Delivering a true cinematic experience into a nightclub setting provided QED with one of its biggest technical challenges of the year. The venue was absolutely perfect for creating the right atmosphere but just about as unsuitable as you can get for projection. Arched ceilings restricted the height and size of the projection screens, and seating capacity and viewing angles were highly restrictive, so careful design and innovative projector rigging were crucial to success.

The 1,000 attendees had to be split into two screening rooms and the film simultaneously projected. In the first room QED supplied an 18'7" x 7'11 2.35:1 front projection screen with black drape surround. The screen was flown and was projected onto by centrally mounted main and back-up Christie HD8Ks with fixed wide angle lenses. For the second room QED provided a 16' x 6' 10" 2.35:1 ground supported projection screen with drape surround, and projected onto it using two Christie HD8Ks flown from mind-bendingly extreme wide angles from the in-house bars on either side of the room. Each projector was about 20ft off-axis, yet they could still both be perfectly lined up to deliver the top quality results required.

The film was played back in the highest quality HDCAM-SR format using twin Sony SRW-550 decks fed into a Barco Screen Pro II HD, all delivered via DVI-fibre to the four HD projectors in both rooms. Marshall V-R842P-AFHD 8.4" HD monitors provided a convenient space saving monitoring solution and the D&B Q7, B2 and E12 sound system provided a discreet PA solution with more than enough "bollocks" to satisfy any “RocknRolla” as well as the requisite quality to satisfy cinema aficionados.

QED helped to deliver many of the other thematic ideas that helped to create the whole experience, with small high powered Sanyo XP100s and XP57s provided projection for a variety of themed areas within the club including the backdrop for the Beat, who played a live set. The Sanyo XP range of LCD because it provided the smallest, brightest and most flexible projection solution with its full range of interchangeable lenses.

Key technical equipment

  • 1 x AV Stumpfl Vario 64 system 18’7” x 7’11” front projection screen
  • 1 x AV Stumpfl Vario 64 system 16’ x 6’10” front projection screen
  • 4 x Christie HD8K 3-chip DLP HD projectors
  • 2 x Sony SRW-550 HDCAM-SR video players
  • 1 x Barco Screen Pro II HD seamless switcher/video processor
  • 4 x QED DVI/Ethernet fibre channels
  • 2 x Apple MacBook Pro computers
  • 3 x Sanyo XP-100 LCD projectors
  • 3 x Sanyo XP-57 LCD projectors
  • 1 x D&B E12,Q7, B2 cinema surround sound PA system

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