This year's Light Night saw QED set new brightness and quality standards, using the very latest Panasonic and Christie projectors to light up the Queens Hotel and the Civic Hall.

At the Queens Hotel NOVAK's piece "Harlequin" celebrated the hotel's 80 year history, with the entire facade covered with only five Panasonic RZ31K laser projectors arranged in both portrait and landscape orientations. Being situated on City Square and beside the railway and bus stations, the level of street illumination provided the harshest of projection environments, something which the lasers quite incredibly were able to overcome. The high brightness and the 11.25 megapixel content resolution combined to provide superb clarity and detail.

At the Civic Hall Ross Ashton's "Out of the Aire" celebrated the many people who have helped shape the city of Leeds, both past and present. For this piece five Christie 4K30 Boxer projectors were deployed, all mounted in portrait orientation to suit the shape of the building and to maximise the brightness and resolution.

Both projections were delivered using the flagship d3 4x4pro media servers and QED's fibre systems. As QED Director Paul Wigfield commented "The noticeable step up in brightness from 20k lumen to 30k projectors only goes to highlight that for City Centre building projections 30,000 lumens really is the new standard".

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Harry Ricardo
Dave Voyce
Jo Gardner
Shaun Bastin

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