Produced by Artichoke and delivered by QED, "Imminence" by NOVAK is a climate-inspired artwork projected onto the floor of the Bloomberg Arcade in the City of London. Running for six weeks over the Christmas and New Year period this 50m long projection invites the public to experience and reflect on animated scenes depicting the consequences of climate change as they unfold beneath their feet.

The projection was delivered using seven blended Panasonic RZ21K 20,000 lumen laser projectors mounted on the top of seven 7m high towers, projecting downwards at an extremely sharp angle onto the walkway. The projectors were chosen because of their high brightness, low power consumption and proven track record of reliability.

A Watchout media server system and QED's fibre system were used to deliver the 14.4 megapixel content, and the system was programmed to run from 4.00pm until 11.00pm every day throughout the six week period, with remote monitoring conducted on a daily basis.

Developed in collaboration with textile artist Hazel Dunn, NOVAK's work draws on the tradition of textile design as a medium for storytelling, playing with geometric patterns, bold colour and texture. An original soundtrack produced by composer Ed Carter accompanies the continuous projection to create a sense of constant motion and urgency.

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