Dalai Lama Presented with QED DVD

Gill Farrer-Halls of the Meridian Trust travelled to Dharamsala, India to present His Holiness the Dalai Lama with the latest DVD produced by The Meridian Trust and QED Productions.

Filmed in front of nearly ten thousand people Nottingham in May 2008, this definitive DVD of His Holiness the Dalai Lama captures the essential message of this sincere and remarkable man.

Filmed, recorded and produced by QED Productions, and edited by Gill Farrer-Halls of the Meridian Trust into easy to understand themed chapters, this DVD includes thought-provoking and often moving highlights from five days of teachings.

In an accessible, humorous and lively manner he offers precious insights into the universal human values of forgiveness and tolerance. He further suggests that not only must we find peace within ourselves, but also that we must cultivate compassion by living our compassion, thereby transforming ourselves and the world around us.

Available now via Amazon.co.uk and directly from QED Productions.

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