QED is extremely excited to welcome the arrival of the new Christie Boxer 4K30 projectors, having taken delivery of the UK's first shipment last week. Although QED has had 4K playback, monitors, switching and fibre distribution for quite some time it is only now can that we take full advantage of the capability.

The Boxer represents a major advancement in projection technology offering many new technical and creative possibilities. It is now possible to easily display broadcast and consumer 4K video content at native resolution and to massively improve the quality of all presentations. For blended ultrawidescreens the Boxer's 4096 x 2160 resolution and incredible 30,000 lumens can reduce or eliminate the amount of blending as well as decrease the numbers of projectors required. The compact chassis can be easily handled by two technicians, and with 360° omnidirectional operation and single phase power it's easy to see why the Boxer will quickly become the first choice for all large scale projection mapping projects.

Christie has really listened to feedback from QED and other technical partners throughout the development of the Boxer and it really shows: All the most familiar feature sets are there, together with major enhancements to make operation even easier and more responsive, as well as providing easy-access on-board servicing and maintenance facilities. Christie's TruLife™ electronics ensure stunning colour reproduction and expert image manipulation, with blending functionality provided by 4K Twist software. As the brochure says, the Boxer really does punch above its weight - it can enter the ring with the brightest xenon machines and deliver the punch for longer with lower power consumption.

QED are pleased to announce that the Christie 4K30 Boxers and lenses are available for hire or demonstration immediately.

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