Televic D-Cerno

PTT / Automatic Microphone System


D-Cerno is a digital discussion system for small to medium-sized conference applications. It stands out through its digital technology, its stylish design, and its ease of use.
The touch sensor interface offers longevity and cleanliness. The lack of gaps around touch areas allows thorough cleaning and therefore it is probably the most hygienic wear-free product on the market.
From a design point of view, D-Cerno's central unit is pleasing to the eye and harmonizes perfectly with the contribution equipment.
D-Cerno is also concerned about the environment. It switches off automatically after the meeting finishes, even when left on accidentally.
The system is designed to work out of the box and cabling errors are virtually eliminated. Hence hardly any technical skills are required to install and operate D-Cerno.

Digital technology
The technology inside D-Cerno is based on the same principles as the technology incorporated in Televic's high-end flagship products.

Concealed connections
Digital bus connections are elegantly concealed in the base of the unit.

Shielded microphone
Televic offers the best immunity for mobile phone interference in the market today. D-Cerno has been equipped with Televic's shielding technology.

Hygienic touch-sensor technology
D-Cerno uses the most recent touch sensor technology with the following benefits:
- The unit is easy to clean: there are no gaps around the buttons where dirt can accumulate
- There are no moving parts: no wear and consistent performance during the entire product life-span
- There is no clicking sound when activating or de- activating the microphone

Headphone connection
The unit has a headphone connection with volume control ergonomically located on the surface of the unit.

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