Soundcraft Powerpad

4-Channel Mixer / Amp


The Spirit Powerpad may be the smallest of the Soundcraft powered mixer range, but it still has everything you need for professional mixing in widely varied applications. With its compact, lightweight frame, clear control layout, an integral power amp, Powerpad is a true all-in-one audio toolkit.

With a width of only 22cm Powerpad fits easily into a case of toolbox, but despite this small footprint it surpasses Soundcraft's stringent requirements for professional sound quality and features.

Featuring a built in 30 Watt stereo amplifier (2 x 30 Watt into 4 Ohms), the Powerpad can be used for a host of applications where space and time is scarce. By simply connecting a pair of speakers the console becomes the ideal tool for rehearsals, acoustic venues, presentations, multimedia setups and home studios. Powerpad achieves DAT-quality sound by utilising componentry common to larger Soundcraft desks, including high quality mic preamps that take up to 16dBu of input level. An impressive EIN figure and high RF rejection to EC standards ensures clean, noise-free mixes.


2-channel 30W power amp built in
10 inputs
High quality mic preamps with phantom power
4 mono mic/line inputs
2 stereo inputs with switchable RIAA preamps for turntables
Amplifier clip and thermal protection
Rugged, lightweight design
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