Soundcraft Notepad

4-Channel Mixer


If ever a mixer deserved to be called "small but perfectly formed", it's the Spirit Notepad that earned the title. Despite its ultra-compact size and very affordable price tag, the Notepad comes with the same professional pedigree as all Soundcraft mixers, and it packed with enough features to handle a surprisingly wide range of mixing tasks.

Notepad squeezes into its sub-250mm wide frame an amazing 10 inputs, designed to handle everything from phantom-powered studio condenser mics to DJ decks and samplers. Its high-quality components and advanced design ensure CD-quality sound, while its ergonomic layout layout makes the Notepad very easy to use. And even on the smallest Soundcraft, as well as essential features such as separate mix and monitoring outputs, you get custom-built pots designed to give the same precision control and carefully-tailored responses that grace the biggest Soundcraft desks. However you look at it, the Spirit Notepad is the most fully-featured small mixer in town.


10 inputs
4 mic inputs
2 stereo inputs
High-quality mic pre-amp inputs
2-band EQ on all 4 mono channels
Post-fade aux send on every input
Stereo effect return
Switchable +48V phantom power
Stereo inputs with switchable RIAA pre-amps for turntables
2-track tape return
Separate mix and monitor outputs
Peak and VU metering
Headphone output
Compact, lightweight design
Custom designed rotary controls for consistent, accurate response
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