QED Recording Rack


The Recording Rack has been designed to seamlessly integrate into the PPU to provide straightforward recording of all channels of video.

MacPros and Just:In
The rack is provided with two Apple MacPros each supporting five channels of HD-SDI recording via ToolsOnAir Just:In software. This allows up to ten streams of HD-SDI video to be recorded simultaneously in both standard Apple QuickTime MOV and MXF container formats.

USB3 connections are provided for rapid transfer of recorded files to external hard drives for client use and the Mac Pros are also networked via Gigabit Ethernet for rapid file transfer.

AJA KiPros
In addition to the Mac-based Just:In system, two AJA KiPro Racks are provided to enable independent recording of a further two streams of HD-SDI, making the rack capable of recording up to twelve simultaneous streams of HD-SDI.

Signal Routing
HD-SDI inputs to the rack are routed via twelve 4-channel audio embedders and onwards to a BlackMagic HD-SDI matrix. This permits any source to be routed to any or to multiple recording channels, making it impossible to accidentally split a video stream from its respective audio channels.

We have not only placed a large emphasis on the speed and ease of setup but also on flexibility. The audio patching requires that only a single (or pair) of XLR programme audio feeds are provided. By default these audio feeds duplicate to audio channels 1&2 on all recorders, however use of normalisation on the audio patchbay allows insertion of any chosen audio feed directly onto any channel of any stream if desired.

Audio channels 3&4 for each recorder are available on the patchbay and may be fed individually as required. Therefore, it is possible to record up to 48 individual channels of audio in addition to the twelve streams of HD-SDI.

All recorders are synchronised to system tri-level sync and all are provided with system timecode, ensuring that all recorded files' timecodes are synchronised for use in post production.

A TVLogic 17" grade 1 monitor is provided in the rack. This is fed from the two MacPros via a KVM switch to permit monitoring of either Mac. An Apple keyboard and mouse are provided in a pull-out tray, also connected via the KVM. A TVLogic PRM902-Q monitor pair provide, by default, monitoring of the two AJA KiPros although the sources for these monitors can be easily adjusted via the matrix.

A BlackMagic Smart Control is provided for easy setup of the matrix routing above which is an RTS keypanel linked to PPU comms.

The MacPros may optionally be used as VT playback machines. DT VideoLabs Playback Pro software is provided for such use. 'Second head' DVI outputs from each Mac are available on the patchbays, as are stereo balanced audio outputs.

Recording Rack components

1 x Lynx Technik Series 5000 frame
2 x AJA Ki-Pro c/w 2 x 750Gb drives
1 x TV Logic PRM-902Q twin 9" LCD monitor
1 x TV Logic XVM-175 17" Grade 1 LCD monitor
1 x RTS KP12-CLD intercom keypanel
1 x Blackmagic Design 40x40 SDI matrix
1 x Blackmagic Design Master Control panel
1 x Aten 8-port dual-link KVM switcher
1 x Apple Mac keyboard and mouse
2 x Apple Mac Pros with On Air Tools Just:In
1 x APC Smart-UPS 1500VA

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