QED Production Rack


The Production Rack is based around the For-A HVS-350HS vision mixer. Much time was spent researching and testing different vision mixers, and it was clear that for this application the multi-format For-A product was the perfect choice.

Besides the usual HD-SDI inputs, the HVS-350HS has four input option slots, permitting direct connection of computer graphics and analogue sources without any external conversion. This eliminates the delay inherent in external processing and allows, for example, a number of DVI graphics sources to be connected directly to the mixer and appear instantly as conventional sources on the vision mixer's control panel. Likewise, analogue sources (e.g. component SD from a DVD player) may be connected directly to the system - again without external processing. All scaling is done within the vision mixer permitting almost any source type and resolution to be connected directly. With the system usually working at 1080i/50 there is no need to deal with graphics sources with an external graphics switcher as all sources can be dealt with by one operator in a single place.

Although all HD-SDI sources within the PPU are fully genlocked and synchronous, a frame synchroniser may be switched on within the mixer for any input where it is necessary to provide an asynchronous source.

The HVS-350HS provides a Programme output, a Mix/Effects output and six Aux outputs on HD-SDI, any of which can be set to show any source or mix bus. This allows huge flexibility in signal routing within the mixer, and permits, for example, a simple way to provide two independently mixed screen feeds for an event from one single unit. Additionally there are two output option slots which may be configured for DVI, VGA, component or even composite video. Any of these option outputs may be configured to show any input or output from the mixer. For instance, if an event requires LCD or Plasma relays around the venue, these may be fed directly from the mixer's DVI output allowing conventional monitors to be used rather than ones featuring HD-SDI input options or by using multiple HD-SDI converters.

DVI Routing
The Production Rack has an in-built Lightware 8x8 DVI matrix switcher. This allows DVI sources to be routed to mixer inputs and mixer outputs routed to individual or multiple output connectors as convenient. The rack also contains a QED three-way DVI fibre transmitter incorporating Ethernet. Therefore for long runs DVI may be converted to fibre to feed projectors, monitors, etc. entirely within the rack. This has been designed to work with QED's popular FibreShoe™ receivers allowing DVI signals and Ethernet control via a single fibre-optic cable.

Two TVLogic 17" Grade 1 monitors are provided at eye-line height for the operator. In normal use these are fed from the two multi-view generators built into the vision mixer via Aux outputs 5 & 6. These may be laid out in any of a number of configurations, and of course any source or output may be assigned to any tile within either multi-viewer.

HD-SDI routing
All HD-SDI signals are routed via a BlackMagic 40x40 matrix permitting quick and simple signal routing as preferred. The BlackMagic Master Control panel provides a simple way to set up the routing and provides useful names for sources and destinations to facilitate quick and easy routing on site.

System Sync
The sync for the system is generated by an Evertz 5600MSC master sync pulse generator. Besides the Tri-level sync distributed within the racks this also generates timecode to synchronise recorders, and may also generate Black & Burst SD sync entirely synchronous with system sync to allow genlock of external devices which require Black & Burst rather than tri-level sync.

Production Rack components

1 x Lynx Technik Series 5000 frame
1 x Evertz 5600-MSC master clock
2 x TV Logic XVM-175 17" Grade 1 LCD monitors
1 x RTS KP12-CLD intercom keypanel
1 x Blackmagic Design 40x40 SDI matrix
1 x Blackmagic Design Master Control panel
1 x For-A HS35-ROU control panel
1 x 3U rack drawer
1 x Thinklogical Vis-33 3-way DVI/Fibre TX
1 x QED 3-way Ethernet fibre transceiver
1 x Lightware MX-Pro 8x8 DVI matrix switcher
1 x For-A HVS-350HS compact switcher frame
1 x APC Smart-UPS 1500VA

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