Green Hippo V3HD media server

2 x V3HD 4u servers, UPS, 16-port Gigabit switch, 4x2 Kramer matrix switcher, 1 x Marshall V-R842DP-AFHD monitor


QED's custom Hippo rack consists of:

  • 2 x V3HD media servers each with twin DVI input card and twin HDSDI/SDI input cards
  • 1 x 1500VA UPS
  • 4 x DVI distribution amplifiers
  • 1 x Kramer 4-input x 2-output matrix switcher
  • 1 x Marshall V-R842DP-AFHD twin rack monitor
  • 2 x DVI to SDI scan converters
  • 1 x HippoNet network hub
  • 1 x Projector network hub
  • 1 x ThinkLogical VEL-33 fibre transmitter
  • 1 x QED network transceiver
  • 4 x DVI Parrot
  • 1 x EMO power board with 16amp inlet
  • 1 x 12-way power distribution strip

The Hippotizer
The visual powerhouse behind many of the world’s greatest events, Hippotizer HD continues to go from strength to strength. New software harnessing the power of the Hippotizer HD’s top flight hardware means the best High Definition performance seen on any server to date.

The custom designed chassis, unique to Green Hippo, provides assured durability for life on the road and professional connectors all round means reliability and ease of use is unsurpassed in its class. Complemented by a range of optional hardware to allow interface with almost any industry standard protocol or signal, Hippotizer HD is the ultimate solution for realtime video playback on any live event.

Full support for output splitters allows endless possibilities for multi-screen configurations assisted by VideoMapper and UberPan components for even the most complex screen layouts. Add HippoNet, Green Hippo’s unique networking protocol, and the Hippotizer HD makes light work of any task, especially in multi-server applications.

With 16 media layers and a further 16 mask layers, Hippotizer HD is ready for the most demanding situations. A video powerhouse backed up with the ultimate toolkit for anything a show may spring on you.


Full HD playback with unrestricted output resolution
Compatible with most industry standard output extenders
Wide range of input options including HD-SDI, DVI, VGA & Composite
8 layers of simultaneous HD playback without dropping frames
Class leading video playback and real-time rendering
16 media layers (+16 mask layers)
PixelMapper with unrestricted number of output universes
4U rackmount case
Touring case with professional connections
2 FX engines per layer - 100+ effects per FX engine
Frame accurate synchronisation across multiple servers
Media Manager with live media updating
ScreenThief for Ethernet video capture
Keystone and ScreenWarp for non-linear projection surfaces
Soft-edge blending
Timeline for stand-alone operation
External control via DMX/MIDI/TCP-IP/OSC/RS232
High performance 3D show visualisation integration via CITP and HMap2
Map to the most complex LED setups using the award winning VideoMapper
Create stunning multi-screen shows with UberPan controller driving upto 12 render modes
Use LiveMask to create complex masks in realtime to project onto complex scenery or buildings

Technical Specification

Dimensions 470 x 585 x 177mm (18.50 x 23.03 x 6.97 inches)
Dimensions (in rack) 590 x 900 x 1065mm (23.23 x 35.43 x 41.93 inches)
Weight 25 kg
Weight (in rack) 163 kg
Case Type 4 U 19" Rackmount
Operating Temp. Range 5°C - 35°C (40°F - 95°F)
Humidity 5% - 95% (non condensing)
Altitude 0-8850ft (0 - 2700m)
Indicators 6-character display on the front panel
Voltage 108 - 240v 50-60Hz Auto Switching
Power Consumption 3.5 amps
Media Drives 2
Total Media Storage Space Over 25hrs HD / 75hrs SD content
Pro-Connectors / Breakout Panels Yes
Outputs Two unrestricted video output using VGA / RGBHV, DVI Control outputs using RS232, Ethernet control, DMX over Ethernet and HippoNet
Compatible Output Splitters Matrox DualHead2Go and TripleHead2Go, EMSiVU4, Datapath x4
Max Output Resolution (using output extenders) 2 outputs @ 1920 x 1080 +
6 outputs @ 1280 x 1024
8 outputs @ 1024 x 768
8 outputs @ 1280 x 720
Video Inputs 1 x HD-SDI, 1 x DVI/VGA, 2 x DVI/VGA, 4 Composite, ScreenThief Ethernet Capture, Single Composite, Single SDI
Audio Audio playback on separate layers, Volume and balance control, Multi-channel audio playback and Master volume control
Control RS232, Midi, DMX over Ethernet and TCP/IP, OSC and DMX512
Patching Basic patching of DMX, Midi and RS232, Midi 'Learn' patch, Diagnostics
Supported Media Formats Quicktime, MPEG1, MPEG2, AVI, DIVX, Windows Media, MPEG4, DV, PNG, JPEG, BMP, TIFF, TGA, Image sequences
Maximum Media Size and Playback Resolution 1920 x 1080
Maximum Number of Media Layers 8 ( + 8 x mask layers)
Media Management Remote media upload, Automatic media conversion, Drag & drop media upload and mapping, Live media update, Media thumbnails, 256 media groups, 256 clips per group, Network synch, Show backup
Media Playback Inter-frame blending for super slow motion, Inpoint and outpoint adjustments, Playmodes (loop forward, loop backwards, once forwards, once backwards, ping pong, random, pause, rewind on Level 0), Sync to Hippotizer, Sync to Timeline, Alpha channel support, Media generators (rain, snow, clouds, starfields etc), Text Engine and Audio mix playback mode
Media Manipulation Geometry control, Colour control (basic & advanced), 16 mix modes, 18 digital effects engines, Up to 9 effects parameters per layer, Transitions, Effects / Transitions editor
Show Programming Unlimited Groups, Presets, Tracks and Timelines, Timeline copy and paste, Fadecurve editing, Timeline Logic, Cue Controller, Control non Hippotizer devices from Timeline, SMPTE and MTC synchronisation, Fast drag & drop playlist per layer
Show Pre-visualisation HMap2 and CITP for streaming real-time output via local network. Compatible visualisers: Light Converse, WYSIWYG, Capture
PixelMapper No software limitations on number of output universes, Fixture designer, Personalities for fixtures included, Drag & drop mapping interface, Flexible source mapping and Full Kinet Tier 2
VideoMapper Tile Wizard, Intuitive drag & drop interface, Independent scale and rotation for each tile, support for output extenders, colour correction per tile, up to 255 VideoMaps with instant switching
TextManager Import full text files, Quick text, Any font and size, Unicode support (non standard character set i.e. Chinese or Swedish), Animation and Image support
Other Components Scheduler - Trigger timelines or events from a clock
Automation tracking - Follow scenic stage elements
Chat - Communicate with other crew members
HMap2 & CITP - Lighting console and visualiser integration
PinBridge - Remap and group control pins
PhatController - Control external devices via RS232 or TCP/IP
TelNet Control - TCP/IP interface to HippoNet
ToolBox - Remote wakeup and shutdown of units
OSC - Open Sound Control interface
Colour correction - Full Gamma curve control of the outputs
BeatBridge - Audio analysis
Synchro Component - Synchronise media players
HippoSnapper - Grab layers or output and save as image
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