Extron CrossPoint Ultra 88

8x8 RGBHV matrix switcher


The CrossPoint® Ultra 88 is an 8x8 ultra-wideband matrix switcher designed to deliver exceptional performance in the most demanding, very high resolution computer-video and stereo audio routing systems. CrossPoint Ultra sets a new standard for engineering excellence in all critical measures of matrix switcher performance, including bandwidth, frequency response, efficiency, reliability, power consumption, and control. CrossPoint Ultra is ideal for complex AV routing applications that require efficient, reliable operation at the highest computer-video resolutions without signal loss or degradation.


Inputs: Video on female BNC connectors; audio on captive screw connectors
Outputs: Video on female BNC connectors; audio on captive screw connectors
Ultra-wideband performance - 525 MHz to 600 MHz (-3 dB), depending on model - CrossPoint Ultra models provide a minimum of 525 MHz (-3 dB) RGB video bandwidth, fully loaded, with many models providing 600 MHz (-3 dB) or more.
Ultra-flat frequency response - ±0.5 dB from 0 to 130 MHz - CrossPoint Ultra provides an ultra-flat frequency response of ±0.5 dB or less, through the critical portion of the bandwidth curve, from 0 to 130 MHz. This means that the matrix switcher is virtually transparent to the AV signal path for the most demanding, high resolution system designs with multiple levels of signal processing.
Ultra-low crosstalk – (-56) dB or better at 100 MHz - CrossPoint Ultra is engineered to achieve superb channel-to-channel isolation of -56 dB or better at 100 MHz.
Ultra-low power consumption – Less than 40 watts at full load - Draws less than 40 watts under full load for increased product life with very low cost of operation.
RGBHV switching - Switches separate horizontal and vertical sync to ensure proper sync polarity, providing a more stable image.
ADSPâ„¢ - Advanced Digital Sync Processing technology - An exclusive, all-digital process that regenerates the sync signal waveform and restores sync level to 5.0 V p-p, TTL, specifications. This ensures a stable sync signal for improved signal compatibility with any LCD, DLP, plasma, or other digital display device.
DSVPâ„¢ - Digital Sync Validation Processing - Verifies active sources by polling all inputs for valid sync signals. DSVP then transmits the horizontal and vertical sync information to the user through the serial or Ethernet ports.
Compatible with RGBHV, RGBS, RGsB, HDTV, component video, S-video, composite video, and unbalanced/balanced stereo audio - Separate horizontal and vertical sync ensures proper sync polarity, providing a more stable image.
Buffered I/O - Each input and output is individually buffered to provide maximum performance and virtually no crosstalk or signal interference between channels.
Triple-Action Switchingâ„¢ for RGB Delay - Blanks the screen when switching to a new source. The new sync signals precede the RGB signals, so there is no glitch shown during the transition. The time delay between the RGB and sync signals is adjustable up to five seconds through front panel, Ethernet, or serial control.
HVA models switch both balanced and unbalanced stereo audio.
Audio input gain and attenuation - Allows users to set the level of gain or attenuation for each audio input channel, eliminating noticeable volume differences when switching between sources.
Audio output volume adjustment and muting - Can be set dynamically for each channel through the front panel or serial control, eliminating the need for an audio preamplifier in many system designs.
Audio breakaway - Provides the capability to break an audio signal away from its corresponding video signal, allowing the audio and video signals from one source to be switched to different destinations.
Ultra-flexible control - Standard front panel, RS-232, and Ethernet control simplifies and enhances integration with any control system.
QS-FPCâ„¢ - QuickSwitch Front Panel Controller - Provides a discrete, backlit button for each input and output, allowing for simple, intuitive operation.
Tri-color, backlit buttons - Can be custom labeled for easy identification. The buttons illuminate red, green, or amber, depending on function, for ease of use in low-light environments.
RS-232 and RS-422 control port - Using serial commands, CrossPoint Ultra can be controlled and configured via the included Windows-based control software, or integrated into a control system. Extron products use the SISâ„¢ - Simple Instruction Set command protocol, a set of basic ASCII code commands that allow for quick and easy programming. The serial port also makes it easy to install firmware updates.
Control software - Provides a graphical, drag-and-drop interface for I/O configuration and other customization functions via RS-232 and RS-422 remote control. This software also offers an emulation mode for configuration of an offsite matrix switcher; the I/O configuration may be saved for future downloading to the matrix switcher.
Ethernet monitoring and control - Enables CrossPoint Ultra to be proactively monitored and managed over a LAN, WAN, or the Internet, using standard TCP/IP protocols. Ethernet control provides for remote selection of input and output ties, adjustment and control of audio input and output levels, and advanced system diagnostics.
View I/O mode - Users can easily view which inputs and outputs are actively connected.
I/O grouping - Allows the matrix switcher to be virtually divided into smaller sub-switchers, making installation and control easier. I/O grouping allows specific outputs, like those designated for a specific video format, to be grouped together.
Front panel security lockout - Prevents unauthorized use in non-secure environments. In lockout mode, a special button combination is required to operate the switcher from the front panel controller.
Rooming - All models can be programmed to group selected outputs into specific "rooms," each with its own set of unique presets. Each room can support up to 16 outputs. A total of 10 rooms, with 10 presets per room, are available.
Global presets - Frequently used I/O configurations may be saved and recalled either from the front panel, Ethernet, or serial control. This time-saving feature allows I/O configurations to be set up and stored in memory for future use.
Optional remote controls - Available control panels and keypads provide the flexibility to control the matrix switcher from a remote location.
Rack-mountable metal enclosure - CrossPoint Ultra is housed in 19-inch wide metal enclosure and features integrated rack ears for ease of installation.
Internal universal power supply - The 100-240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, international power supply provides worldwide power compatibility.
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