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PlaybackPro is a fully modern Macintosh application that takes advantage of improvements in software stability and graphics capabilities. Using one output as the operator interface, it sends clean video to the secondary video output, utilizing the graphics card for hardware acceleration with complete control over size, aspect ratio and levels. Since it provides much greater flexibility in both the field and studio, it is intended to replace hardware DDRs (digital disk recorders), DVD players and video tape machines.

While the digital revolution has changed the way video is edited, its effects haven't been truly felt in the live production industry, until now. PlaybackPro leads the way with a simple yet powerful interface that provides flexibility and control over the playback of video content. PlaybackPro is completely non-destructive to original video files, allowing the same file to be referenced multiple times with separate in and out points, geometry, settings and levels. All effects are rendered on-the-fly.


Easily understandable Preview and Program paradigm.
Clip ordering and play-listing, printable to paper and PDF.
Resolution agnostic playback of virtually any file type by adding easy to find QuickTime Components.
Automatically adjusts to the output resolution and aspect ratio. Content can be in any ratio (4:3, 16:9, etc.) and has infinite adjustability through sizing, stretching and cropping.
Plugs directly into high-resolution switchers via DVI or VGA.
Can utilize files on a high-speed RAID array or media network. With enough disk bandwidth, it's capable of resolutions far beyond HD.
Uses a document-based architecture. Multiple shows can be created and switched between.
Video of any type can be captured with the included RecordPro application, in conjunction with any QuickTime-compatible capture device.
DVD video can easily be extracted with third party software, producing a significantly higher quality than when recording into another device (and finally fixes all of the issues with DVD playback in a professional environment).
Online backups are easily created utilizing the file system and networking capabilities of the operating system for ease of use and no generational loss.
Ideal for use in ultra-widescreen applications.
Gives complete control of each clip's levels, including gain, black level, saturation, gamma and volume.
Clean clip aborting by fading out audio and video.
Full start and end point controls, with easy fade-in and fade-out settings.
Clear time-elapsed and time-remaining counters for accurate countdowns.
Online backups are easily created utilizing the file system and networking capabilities of the operating system for ease of use and no generational loss.
Selectable slate frames for visual reference.
Convenient 'Goto 10', 'Goto 20' and 'Goto 30' buttons for use during rehearsal cue-to-cues.
Created specifically for live environments by video professionals.
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