Disguise 4x4pro rack

2 x Disguise (d3) 4x4pro (incl. VFC cards), 10GB network switch, UPS


The flagship of the pro range, the 4x4pro sets the industry benchmark for power, flexibility and convenience. Designed for the largest video surfaces in the world, it is capable of driving up to 16 HD projectors or LED processors from a single server unit.

The 4x4pro comes with more inputs and outputs and can play up 32 HD layers of content. Not only does it step up in terms of quality and quantity, but it can also process things faster. With twin 10Gbit/sec Ethernet connections, the 4x4pro can transfer huge files in a matter of minutes. An external PCIe slot also lets you install more storage, so you can do more.

The 4x4pro comes with four Video Format Conversion cards. An industry first, they let you drive up to 16HD outputs as DVI or SDI or 4x 4k from a single unit. So you can mix multiple signals on the same system and deliver large multi-projector shows with fewer machines.

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