Canon XL-H1

HD camcorder with remote zoom / focus


Shooting HD at 1080i with selectable frame rates (50i/25f), the versatile 1/3" 1.67 Megapixel 3CCD XL H1 features a new 20x HD video lens, HD-SDI output, Genlock input and Time code input/output.


Professional versatility for 1080i HD
HD-SDI out, Gen lock in, Time code in/out
20x HD VIDEO lens
High resolution 1/3" 1.67 Megapixel 3CCDs
Full CINE and image control
4 channel audio line-in
60i/30f/24f (option)
CONSOLE software (option)

Technical Specification

Image sensing device Image size: 1/3-inch CCD
System: 3CCD horizontal pixel shift
Total pixels: 1.67 megapixels per CCD
Number of effective pixels (per CCD): HD: Approx. 1.56 megapixels, SD/4:3: Approx. 1.17 megapixels, SD/16:9: Approx. 1.56 megapixels
Lens Optical zoom magnification: 20x HD Video Lens
Focal length: 5.4 - 108mm
f-number: f/1.6 - 3.5
Aperature leaves (Number of leaves): 6 leaves, iris diaphragm
Zoom speed: Handle zoom: Fixed speed (16 speed level settings available).
Grip zoom: Variable speed/Fixed speed (16 speed level settings available)
Filter diameter 72mm
Minimum illumination Auto mode: Approx. 6 lux (shutter speed1/50, Gain 18dB, i selected)
Manual mode: Approx. 0.4 lux (shutter speed 1/3, Gain 18 dB, f1.6, i selected)
Image stabilizer Image stabilization system: Optical Image Stabilization (when HD 20x zoom XL5.4-108mm L IS II is installed, VAP compensation system is used)
Sensing method: Angle detection and movement vector detection
Shooting Functions
AE mode Auto mode, Tv mode, Av mode, Manual mode, Spotlight mode, Night mode, Full Auto mode
Photometry system Center weighted average: Full Auto mode, Auto mode, Night mode, Tv mode, Av mode and Manual mode
Evaluative photometry (128-segments): Spotlight mode
Exposure adjustment AE lock: Included. EXP. LOCK button operation (Auto mode, TV mode, AV mode only)
AE shift: Included. AE SHIFT dial operation (±2 levels) (Auto mode, TV mode, AV mode only)
Gain setting: Auto/Gain select (-3, 0, +3, +6, +12, +18 dB) Set to Auto in Full Auto and Night mode, Spotlight mode is fixed at 0 dB.
Frame rate setting: i - 50i recording, F1/F2 - 25F recording
Shutter speed (Tape recording) Shutter speed setting (at Tv priority): 13 levels (1/3, 1/6, 1/12, 1/25, 1/50, 1/120, 1/250, 1/500, 1/1000, 1/2000, 1/4000, 1/8000, 1/16000 sec)
In auto mode: i selected: 1/50 to 1/500 sec. F1 selected: 1/25 to 1/500 sec
In night mode: i selected: 1/3 to 1/500 sec. F1 selected: 1/3 to 1/500 sec
Aperature value (HD 20x zoom): f/1.6, 2.0, 2.8, 4.0, 5.6, 8.0, 9.5, CLOSE
Image quality adjustment Skin setting: The skin detail setting can be made after making the hue adjustment, chroma adjustment, area adjustment, and Y level adjustment.
Custom preset: Gamma adjustment, knee adjustment, black adjustment, master pedestal adjustment, setup level adjustment, sharpness adjustment, H detail adjustment, H/V balance adjustment, coring adjustment, NR (1/2) adjustment, color matrix adjustment, color gain adjustment, hue adjustment, RGB gain independent adjustment, matrix adjustment (6-axis adjustment)
White balance Auto: YES
Preset/Set: Outdoor (5600 K), Indoor (3200 K), Set (2 available), Color temperature setting
System: TTL, 128 segments
Focus Mode: AF, MF, One-push AF, Preset focus (HD 20x zoom installed)
MF operation: Focus ring operation
Time Code Countup system: Rec Run, free run, Recrun Preset, hold
Start value setting: "00:00:00:00", Set, Reset selectable
Digital fade: YES (White, black fader)
Still image recording: YES (1920 x 1080)
Zebra pattern: YES (Level adjustment: selectable from 70%, 75%, 80%, 85%, 90%, 95%, and 100%)
Color bar: YES
Clear scan: YES
Memory card: YES
REC review: YES
Standby switch: YES
Power safe: YES
Audio DV recording: 16-bit 2ch (48 kHz), 12-bit 4ch (32 kHz). 4-channel synchronous recording is possible
HDV recording: 2ch recording/MPEG1 Audio layer II, 4ch recording/MPEG2 Audio layer II
Wind screen: YES (ON/OFF)
LCD monitor Size: 2.4-inch (Wide type)
Pixels: 215,000 pixels
Image quality adjustments: YES (Brightness, Contrast, Color, Sharpness Adjustment, Black and White supported)
Movable: YES (Front to Back and Left to Right)
Playback system Frame playback: DV recording: Forward/Reverse, HDV recording: Forward only
Slow playback: DV recording: Forward/Reverse, HDV recording: Forward only
2x speed playback: DV recording: Forward/Reverse, HDV recording: Forward/Reverse(speed is 1x speed)
1x speed playback: DV/HDV recording: Forward/Reverse
Cue/Review: DV recording: 11.5x speed, HDV recording: 8x speed
Search Date search: YES
Index search: YES
End search: YES
Data code display: Date and time display, Shooting data
Zero set memory: YES
Interface (jacks) Microphone input jack: Front microphone jack (with 5 V DC jack), rear microphone jack (XLR jack supporting phantom power supply: 2 systems), accessory shoe jack (supporting Microphone Adapter MA-300)
Headphone output: 3.5 mm mini jack
HDV/DV terminals: Input/Output
Video jacks: S jack (input/output), BNC jack (input/output), HD/SD-SDI jack (output only), component jack (output only)
AV terminal: RCA pin (V: input/output, A: input/output 2 systems)
Editing jack: YES (LANC)
Time code jack: YES (Input, output: 1 system each)
GENLOCK terminal: YES (Input only)
Memory card terminal: YES
EVF jack: Color/Black and white viewfinder: 1 system each
Analog signal: DV signal conversion - YES
Microphone attenuation: YES (Only microphones connected to the front microphone and rear XLR jacks)
Microphone level metre: YES
World clock: YES
Tally lamp: YES
Remote control sensor: YES
Accessory shoe: YES. Supporting Microphone Adapter MA-300, EOS flash
Custom key: YES (2 available)
DV control: YES
Backup power supply: Lithium coin battery (built-in)
Battery pack power: BP-930, BP-945, BP-950G, BP-970G lithium-ion battery
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