Canon HJ14ex4.3B IASE High Definition lens

With doubler, remote zoom and focus


Over the past decade, as the demand for broadcast HDTV production has continued its steady growth, Canon's HJ11ex4.7B lens has been a popular HDTV wide-angle lens, earning a stellar global reputation for outstanding optical performance and ease of operation. Capitalizing on this legacy of imaging excellence, Canon is expanding the possibilities of HDTV origination with the launch of an even more advanced wide-angle lens, the HJ14ex4.3B. This is a totally new-generation lens design and is particularly innovative in combining an extended 14 times zoom range and unprecedented 4.3mm wide angle, with an enhanced overall optical performance. Unequalled image clarity and sharpness were the design goals.

Even the digital drive-unit is newly developed to provide streamlined ergonomics and ease of operation that further empowers camera operator shooting flexibility.

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