AVM RS-422

6-port VTR edit controller


The AVM-4b Action Replay Controller is the latest controller from Ash Vale Marketing. This all new design replaces both the avm4 and avm-4a models. The controller can interface with any RS422 device using Sony protocol. The operation and menu setting are familar with the earlier models and like the avm4a can be easily configured for popular tape and disk recorders. The six port model comes with an enhanced alphanumeric display and improved jog/shuttle control.
The layout of the AVM-4b is logical and uncluttered with the essential operational controls conveniently placed. As well as the T-bar, there is a Sony fast spinning jog dial and a full function illuminated keypad. There are also 10 programmable function keys. The function keys can be programmed for timecode cues, clips or playlists. In addition to 6 RS422 ports the controller has 2 USB ports and an ethernet port. The usb ports can be used to enter text via an external keyboard.

The six port model can store 1000 timecode cues and 800 clips. All are battery-backed. Cue times may be viewed directly or scrolled with the jog knob. A browse facility is available for disk users. The AVM-4b/6 allows the control of 6 machines simultaneously or discretely. The 2 line 20 character alphanumeric display highlights machine commands, timecode and clip infomation. A PAL/NTSC on-screen display provides additional status monitoring via a BNC rear connector.

The variable speed ranges on the T-bar are from 0 to 100% in VAR. In super speed mode the T-bar can be varied to suit your particular needs, with 4 additional speed ranges available.

The avm-4b is fully ROHS compliant.


1000 cues, 800 clips
4 GPI inputs 4 GPI outputs
Play list management
On-screen display
Improved jog/shuttle control
Controls digital BETA, BVW75, BETACAM SX, MAV-555, IMX, DSR-DR1000
Size 268mm X 204mm X 93mm (w x d x h)
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