Ampetronic ILD9

Large Induction Loop Amplifier (up to 1000m2)


The ILD9 is the industry standard large area induction loop driver. Installed in thousands of locations Worldwide, it is unrivalled in audio quality, performance and reliability, delivering superior vocal and musical reproduction to the hearing aid user for greater intelligibility and enjoyment.

The ILD9 boasts all the usual features found on Ampetronic equipment such as metal loss correction and is compatible with our unique Ultra-low Spill™ and Parallel Drive™ technologies. With the highest voltage headroom of any driver in its class, it is capable of driving longer loop cables than any of its competitors and can be located several hundred metres away from the point of use.


Area coverage to >1000m2
Metal loss correction 0 to 3dB / octave
Ultra-low Spill™ capability for confidential and adjacent room applications
Parallel Drive™ capability for very large area coverage to >4000m2
Loop condition monitor option for safety critical applications
Remote operation feed cable from amplifier to loop can be hundreds of metres long
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