Ampetronic ILD122

Induction Loop Amplifier (up to 550m2)


The ILD122 is a professional audio induction loop range capable of driving loop areas up to 550m2 with an unsurpassed clarity of sound for both music and speech for superior intelligibility.

It boasts all the usual features found on Ampetronic equipment such as metal loss correction and is compatible with Ampetronic's unique Ultra-Low Spill™ technology. The ILD122 is very compact and elegant, suitable for freestanding, wall mounting or rack mounting.


Area coverage to 550m2
Speech optimised gain control
High voltage headroom avoids high frequency clipping
Metal loss corrector corrects frequency dependent loss from metal structures
Very compact: 215 x 220 x 44mm
Microphone (XLR) and line inputs
Extensive input adaptors available for any audio input requirements
High voltage headroom ideally suited to arrays and long cable lengths
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