Think Logical Velocitydvi System-6A/N+

DVI transmitter/receiver - 3 x ST


The dual-link capable Velocitydvi System-3A/V+ DVI transmitter/receiver is designed to support one Single-Link DVI display, full duplex stereo audio, and serial (RS-232). Using multi-mode or single-mode fibre, the system allows users to locate a DVI monitor and peripherals via fibre from just a few meters up to 10 kilometers away from the controlling computer securely without the loss of resolution.

Powered by Think Logical's cutting edge, patent-pending MRTS (Multi Rate Transmission System) technology, this extension system transports every frame of a DVI video stream seamlessly, with no compression, or dropped frames. In addition, all high speed peripherals function with no latency making it ideally suited for a wide range of applications in the broadcast and post-production field, as well as command and control centers, universities, large scale digital signage, and any other commercial KVM applications.


Supports all single-link DVI video resolutions
Signal transmission via fibre optic cableno RF interference
Requires one or two fibre optic cables
Flawless image quality with no frame dropping
Full DDC2B support using two fibres
Extends DVI up to:
- 350 meters using standard 50um multi-mode fibre
- 1000 meters using SX+ fibre
- 10 kilometers using single-mode fibre
Local video port on transmitter
Additional video output on receiver
Audio and serial port
Class 1 laser product
Simple plug and play
Small form factor
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