Extron JMP 9600-2K

JPEG 2000 media player - 1TB storage


The JMP 9600 HD and JMP 9600 2K are high resolution video players that provide 2D and 3D playback of JPEG 2000 encoded video files at up to 250 Mbps. The players are ideal for entertainment and commercial applications where superior image quality is critical to the audience experience. The JMP 9600 offers two playback channels that can be independently controlled or synchronized for super-widescreen or 3D displays.


JPEG 2000 file playback via HD-SDI or DVI-I
Up to 250 Mbps, 4:4:4 color and 12-bit content playback quality
Dual outputs can operate as two independent sources or as a synchronized output
Genlock input and linear time code input and output, JMP 9600-2K only
Multiple JMP 9600-2K units can lock together for multi-screen applications
Intuitive front panel user interface with LCD video confidence monitor
Web interface for remote management 16 channels of uncompressed digital audio
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