Doremi Nugget Pro rack

HD MPEG-2 media player - 250GB removable hard drive


The Nugget PRO is the affordable solution for high definition video playback. Its superior resolution HD video is a perfect match for the new generation of video projectors, LCD and plasma displays that feature native resolution far superior to standard definition video.

The Nugget PRO plays standard definition and HD MPEG2 4:2:2 and 4:2:0 files up to 80Mbits/sec. Transfer MPEG2 video files to the Nugget's internal IDE drive via Ethernet. MPEG2 video clips can be played in their native resolution or converted to any supported output format.

The new DoremiAM software facilitates the Ethernet transfer of MPEG2 files and many other popular video file formats to the Nugget’s internal drive.

Control via serial RS-422 or Ethernet. Software is provided for effortless video clip and play list administration. The Nugget PRO can also playback video from a stored playlist for stand alone operation.


Remote Operation
The Nugget features Ethernet and 9pin serial RS-422 control for remote operation. Supports Sony P2 and Odetics protocols.
Auto Play and Stand Alone Operation
The Nugget's Auto-Play feature automatically plays a video play list on power-up. The Nugget does not require an external controller for operation.
Multi-Unit Synchronization
The Nugget's chase feature makes it easy to setup multiple Nugget players for synchronized operation with or without an external controller. Synchronized operation can even be set to start automatically on power up.
Logo Generator
A 20 by 20 pixel logo can be transferred to the NuggetPro's internal drive. The NuggetPro will then superimpose the logo over the HD-SDI video output.
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