Doremi Dimension-3D

3D format converter


The Dimension-3D format converter that converts any 3D format to another including changing of the frame rates. The versatility of Dimension 3D makes it suitable to fit into virtually all stereoscopic workflows:

  • Allows for any 3D input stream format to be used with all types of display components currently available, including high end projectors and the latest generation of 3D ready LCD displays.
  • Converts stereoscopic camera rig output to recorders and displays.
  • Enables double stack 3D projection.
  • By encoding the left and right eye streams into a single HDSDI stream and back again the unit becomes ideal for recording 3D content on standard HD tape and server technologies.
  • When coupled with Doremi’s Nugget or V1 servers, a very cost effective 3D playout solution is provided especially in conjunction with the powerful Doremi Asset Management software.

A two line LCD display and function knob together simplify navigation through the Dimension-3D’s menus. A USB connection for remote operation and an infrared remote control are also provided. Firmware can be upgraded via a SD card or via USB.
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